Exclusive 'Event' Preview for All You April Fools
Monday, April 02, 2007

On Friday, we announced the "'Death of Spawn' comic book event" -- as our first April Fools day joke! Don't worry, Todd has no intention of killing off his most famous creation. (Besides, he's already dead!) Special thanks to the Spawn creative team for going along with it all!

And now, as promised, presents the second part of the joke: an exclusive "preview" of "The Death of Spawn."

This summer, death comes for Spawn. Again.

Fifteen years ago, government assassin Al Simmons died, only to be reborn as the dark hero Spawn. In August, death finally catches up with him. Todd McFarlane Productions proudly presents the comic book event of the year: "The Death of Spawn."

This major comic book crossover will take place across each of the monthly Spawn titles, and is sure to shock and delight fans around the globe. Prepare yourself with this exclusive preview of "The Death of Spawn." Don't miss a single issue!

A mysterious new enemy appears, with only one thing on his mind: Spawn's death! The beginning of the end for Al Simmons starts in Spawn: The Man from Hell #18. Pre-order sales have been tremendous, so get to your local comic book store before it sells out!"The Death of Spawn"
Spawn finally kills his new nemesis, but it costs him his own life! The world lives to see another day, but Al Simmons does not. Sure to be an instant classic, Spawn #173 will bring us the end of Spawn as we know him. Available in several collector-friendly editions. Collect all five!>> SPAWN #173 COVER

This comic is expected to go fast, but we'll be giving you one more chance to get your hands on it! We're holding back 500 copies, having Spawn creator Todd McFarlane sign each one, and will be selling them exclusively at our booth at the next Wizard World convention! See you there!

"Funeral for a Fiend"
The world mourns the passing of Al Simmons. This eight-part series will run through the four core Spawn comic books (and several boxes of tissues).>> SPAWN: THE MAN FROM HELL #20 COVER

"Funeral for a Fiend" stories will also be found in several other upcoming TMP comics, including:"Back From the Dead Again"
The world said farewell to Al Simmons, but now says hello to four all-new heroes! Available in several collector-friendly editions. Collect all six!>> THE ADVENTURES OF SPAWN #500 COVER

"The Reign of the Spawnmen"
Al may be gone, but his sacrifice has "spawned" four new heroes to continue the fight! Each of the four monthly Spawn books gets its own unique hero. Hellish Comics stars "Human Spawn," Spawn: The Man from Hell focuses on the armored "Steel Spawn," Spawn follows the savage "Cyborg Spawn," and The Adventures of Spawn gives readers a look at the world of Spawn through the wide blue eyes of "Spawnboy."


So who are these new Hell-powered heroes?

Human Spawn
Al Simmons was a human from the planet Earth, and this new Spawn claims to be a human as well! Is he really from the same planet as Al? Only time will tell if this new Spawn is friend or foe!

Steel Spawn
Henry Johnson was your average electrical engineer and amateur armorsmith. When he heard that the mighty Spawn had fallen, he built his own suit of powered armor, put on a red cape, and took to the streets to fight crime!

Cyborg Spawn
As a government assassin, Al Simmons used the latest in high-tech weaponry. This new Spawn is MADE of high-tech weaponry! He's super-strong, super-tough, and super-hard to stop! Also, for some reason, he's a gorilla.

Chris is a normal kid, with normal problems: homework, bullies, and constant attacks from an unending horde of demons from Hell! Fortunately, he also has the power of Spawn on his side. Can he keep this awesome secret from his parents, teachers, and friends? Does he ever break the curse of the Hellspawn? Will he pass his finals? Find out in The Adventures of Spawn!

"The Death of Spawn" begins this month in TMP's Spawn comics. To find a store near you, call the Comic Shop Locator Service at 1-888-COMIC-BOOK, or search online at


Happy April Fools Day!