Experience the Online Comic, Action Figures, and Soon: The Book
Friday, December 29, 2006

With the 30th series of Spawn action figures, Todd took everything we knew about the Spawn mythos, shook it up, and came up with something entirely new. Taking inspiration from Saturday morning cartoons and the comic books of another era, Spawn 30 became streamlined, and the results were nothing short of sensational.

The Adventures of Spawn became Todd McFarlane’s first exclusively online comic book. Debuting last July, Spawn fans were drawn into the storyline a few new pages every week. We kept you hanging, doling out the pages over a five-month period and admit it - you loved it.

The online comic is now complete! See it in its entirety here.

Spawn 30 Action Figures In Stores Now!
Spawn Series 30, the action figures inspired by The Adventures of Spawn, are unlike anything ever made by McFarlane Toys. Six unforgettable must-have action figures are on store shelves NOW! Check out these photos, then run - don’t walk - to your favorite McFarlane Toys retailer to get your own!

>> Spawn X
>> The Redeemer
>> Omega Spawn
>> Overtkill the Destroyer
>> Code Name: Cy-Gor
>> Tiffany the Amazon

Up Next: The Adventures of Spawn Printed Director’s Cut
Due out next month is the print version of the hugely popular online comic, The Adventures of Spawn. This 48-page perfect-bound book includes the entire comic that appeared on, plus additional pages created expressly for the print edition. You’ll also find never-before-seen original sketches, an in-depth Q&A with the creative team behind the adventure and much more.

Coming in January to your favorite comic book shop. For information on where to buy, call 1-888-COMICBOOK, or log onto