The Long-awaited Line Arrives in Stores March 2007
Friday, December 22, 2006

Fans have patiently (okay, impatiently) awaited the arrival of Spawn Series 31: "Other Worlds" action figures. At last, as our special holiday gift for our devoted legion of Spawn addicts we bring you photos of this much-anticipated line -- six all-new action figures (four making their action figure debut, two offering brand-new representations of fan-favorite characters) created in the hyper-detailed fashion McFarlane Toys is known for.

Here is the lineup:

NIGHTMARE SPAWN (Action-figure debut)
Rising from the fires of the underworld, hail the new king of Hell. Represented in action figure form for the very first time, this terrifying vision of Spawn is taken from the pages of the acclaimed comic book series, Hellspawn.

NECRO COP (Action-figure debut)
A horrific mesh of science and the arcane powers of the Hellspawn, the Necro Cop makes its action figure debut in Spawn Series 31. This fan-favorite character originally appeared in the pages of the hit graphic novel Spawn: Simony.

From the pages of Spawn: The Dark Ages: Wielding a massive axe and standing tall, this behemoth is more than ready for battle. Cursed with the powers of the Hellspawn, Lord Covenant may be feared by many, but has long been a fan-favorite among fans of the Spawn mythos.

SPAWN THE MARAUDER (Action-figure debut)
From the pages of Spawn: Godslayer: A mighty destroyer, Spawn the Marauder travels the globe bringing death and destruction along with him. Next in his sights: the island of Endra-La and its guardian, the Goddess Llyra.

GODDESS LLYRA (Action-figure debut)
First seen in Spawn: Godslayer, this beautiful, winged warrior stands as protector of the island kingdom of Endra-La. McFarlane Toys' female warriors are always a hit with collectors and fans, and Goddess Llyra is no exception.

From the pages of Spawn: Armed to the teeth and ready for a fight, this all-new version of the classic Al Simmons Spawn brings to life the fan-favorite "commando" as Spawn leaps into action from the rooftops of New York City.