We Gave Them Something to Talk About
Friday, December 22, 2006

It's been a banner year here at McFarlane Toys, and we've gotten a lot of media coverage. Todd's projects, in addition to the release of several high-profile action figure lines has kept us in the headlines, right where we like to be! Here is a list of media coverage, and links to some of the highlights of our year.

If you've been paying attention to any holiday gift guide, chances are you've seen our toys topping some of the lists. We've also been lucky enough to get mentions in some of the nation's leading newspapers and magazines.

Todd has been busy this year with numerous radio interviews. Some of the highlights include spots on ESPN, Maxim Radio, SIRIUS Satellite Radio's Bubba The Lovesponge Show, Ferrell, and a mention of the king of all media himself, Howard Stern.TELEVISION
Thanks to the launch of our popular line of LOST action figures and Todd's media frenzy, we were able to get spots on a lot of popular TV shows including, Conan O' Brien, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, ESPN, VH1 -- Best Week Ever, CNBC, E!, and Fuse TV's Celebrity Play List featuring the man behind the magic, Todd McFarlane.WEB
During 2006 we were all over the Internet. From Todd's video for the band Disturbed, to Corpse Bride to Todd's Sports Picks and LOST, Todd and the McFarlane Companies generated a lot of buzz.