Your Second Chance to Score Collector's Club Exclusive Figure
Friday, September 15, 2006

Due to the tremendous demand for the Deion Sanders exclusive, McFarlane Toys opted to use the LOTTERY SYSTEM as the best way to make our newest exclusive available to our existing collectors and fans, as well as potentially new customers.

We are now happy to announce that there will be a second lottery for the Deion Sanders figure. We will be selecting new winners from the non-winner list in the first lottery, so if you missed out the first time, the luck of the draw may still be with you.

There will not be any new entries allowed in this second offering -- we will be selecting winners only from the first entry pool.

The new lottery winners will be chosen on the morning of Monday, Sept. 18. The actual time of the drawing will not be announced, but by logging onto the main page of our online store, you can check your status throughout the day.

Due to high demand, there is a limit of one of each version (black Ravens jersey and white Falcons jersey) per household.

PLEASE NOTE: The winners of the lottery will be ALLOWED TWO WEEKS TO PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT ONCE IT GOES LIVE. McFarlane Toys hopes that by giving this amount of time to purchase this collectible product, it will enable collectors to plan their purchase.