Due to High Demand, It's the Luck of the Draw
Friday, August 25, 2006

Due to the tremendous demand for the Deion Sanders exclusive, McFarlane Toys opted to use the LOTTERY SYSTEM as the best way to make our newest exclusive available to our existing collectors and fans, as well as potentially new customers.

And now, the winners of the Deion Sanders lottery have been chosen. You can check your lottery status by going here. Simply log into your account to see if you are a winner.

Our lottery system is an automated application in which random entries are chosen. This process and application also helps us tremendously, as it provides us with the ability to weed out duplicate entries, thus giving us the best chance of allowing as many customers as possible to purchase this highly collectible product.

Much like our past exclusive releases, McFarlane Toys cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to purchase our product once we make it available. It is also company policy that we do not release production numbers on ANY of our products. In relation to our exclusive releases, McFarlane Toys has offered the option for our customers and fans to purchase two of any given exclusive. We have done this as an attempt to keep all of our different collectors happy.

In the next couple of days, McFarlane Toys will announce when the Deion Sanders exclusive will be available for purchase to those lucky winners of the lottery. Please check the main page of our ONLINE STORE for that update when it happens.

PLEASE NOTE: The winners of the lottery will be ALLOWED TWO WEEKS TO PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT ONCE IT GOES LIVE. McFarlane Toys hopes that by giving this amount of time to purchase this collectible product, it will enable collectors to plan their purchase.