Six All New Combat Heroes
Friday, June 23, 2006

Following in the footsteps of McFarlane's Military 3 and Redeployed Series 2, our Military Series 4 had some big shoes to fill. And we believe we've done it. Six new modern military soldiers are ready to report for duty.

ARMY RANGER ARCTIC OPERATIONS: Rangers Lead the Way! Whether it is in the scorching heat of the desert or the frozen winter air of snow-covered peaks, Army Rangers are trained, equipped and ready for the mission.

ARMY INFANTRY: Trained for both large-scale assaults and more intimate, close quarters combat; the infantryman remains the backbone of any military fighting force.

ARMY SPECIAL FORCES OPERATOR: When they are not training for a mission, the Army Special Forces, also known as Green Berets, are conducting worldwide, real-world missions ranging from humanitarian efforts to counterterrorism and unconventional warfare.

AIR FORCE COMBAT ENGINEER: Responsible for the detection and removal of battlefield hazards, as well as the laying of landmines and road and bridge construction. It is a combat engineer's task to aid in the movement of allied troops while hindering the progress of enemy forces.

NAVY SEAL SNIPER: Sea. Air. Land. Navy SEAL teams are elite combat forces highly trained for combat in all terrains. Combining intense SEAL training with the "one shot, one kill" mentality of a sniper creates one of modern military's most focused and lethal soldiers.

NAVY FIELD MEDIC: Trained medical specialists who provide emergency care and first aid to personnel while in the field, Field Medics are responsible for the care and treatment of injuries whether in a field treatment facility or in the heat of combat.

McFarlane's Military Series 4 is scheduled for deployment to stores in October.