'Land of Confusion' Nears Completion
Friday, June 02, 2006

With the arrival of June and the quickly approaching release date for Disturbed's "Land of Confusion" music video, progress on all other TME projects has been temporarily delayed, as Todd wishes to give his undivided attention to the final production and directorial details of this much-anticipated animated video.

Since initial production began in February, witnessing the evolution of this project has been both exciting and rewarding. As the final distribution date for the video draws near, the animation studio in Korea has been working night and day to deliver the "Take-1" (first-draft) animation shots to Todd and producer Terry Fitzgerald. Todd and Terry have subsequently labored over these takes, revising and fine-tuning them along the way so Todd's ultimate vision of the conclusive appearance of the video can be realized.

"We are extremely thorough when doing Take-1 revisions," says Terry. "Every tiny detail is scrutinized by Todd and myself before we send it back to the design studio for retakes."

The revisions, along with pages of meticulous notes, will be sent back to the animation studio within the week, so the artists can begin working on the "Take-2" shots, which will ultimately feature in the finalized music video.