Plus a Special Deal on an Exclusive 3-Piece Set
Friday, March 31, 2006

We're excited to bring you some big news from the Collector's Club. Following much anticipation, two new exclusive Art of Spawn figures will be available April 10 only through our online store.

HANGING SPAWN -- The wait is over! Featuring Spawn as he appeared on the cover of Issue #30, this incredible 3-D re-creation is one of our most hotly anticipated figures, and with good reason. (Limited to 1 purchase per household.)

BLUE SPAWN -- Originally released in 2004's Series 26: The Art of Spawn, this limited-edition repaint version of Spawn is based on the cover of comic Issue #7. Painted in intense blue, orange and yellow, you've never seen Spawn like this before. (Limited to 2 purchases per household.)

COLLECTOR'S CLUB EXCLUSIVE 3-PIECE SET -- For a limited time, we are offering a special 3-piece set available only through our online store. For a special discount price of only $27, you'll get Hanging Spawn and Blue Spawn PLUS the Clown 5 -- one of the most disturbing characters ever to cross Spawn's path. This sculpt, originally released last fall, features the foul creature perched atop a horribly disfigured victim, with detached arms for the demon to play with. (Purchase limit has not yet been set on the Collector's Club Exclusive 3-piece set.)

For details on these exclusives and more on the Collector's Club, go here.