First Look at Seven New Figures Based on the American Armed Forces
Friday, March 10, 2006

We are proud to announce the official lineup and photography for the much-anticipated McFarlane's Military: Redeployed 2. The latest series of our award-winning military figures continues the intricate detail, realistic uniforms, weaponry and real-world poses that have made our figures the best in the business.

Redeployed 2 brings you six popular figures previously released in other McFarlane Military series -- resculpted, repainted and repackaged. Each figure not only stands on its own as a highly-detailed representation of the modern American soldier, but each has also been designed to be displayed alongside soldiers from previous McFarlane's Military lines, re-creating squad-based scenarios.

ARMY PARATROOPER: Otherwise known as airborne, paratroopers train at the Army Airborne School in Georgia, recognized as one of the toughest and most demanding courses in the military. It's also the proving ground for soldiers who wish to move on to more specialized training.

ARMY INFANTRY: Infantry soldiers are the very core of the military. In modern times, the emphasis of the combat infantryman has shifted from large-scale assault to more specialized desert-based tactics.

ARMY SPECIAL FORCES SNIPER OBSERVER: "One shot. One kill." Sniper teams are made up of two-man units -- the sniper and the observer (or spotter). The observer's duty is to identify the target and verify the shot, as well as to serve as a lookout for any immediate threats to the team and/or their task.

MARINE LIEUTENANT: "First to Fight," the role of the Marine Corps in the modern military is clear. Since its inception Nov. 10, 1775, the Corps has trained warriors for the battlefield. Smaller and often more flexible than other branches, Marines are the tip of the modern military spear.

MARINE SAW GUNNER: The Squad Automatic Weapon (or SAW) has an effective range of over 1,000 yards and can fire more than 725 rounds per minute. Capable of firing from either a 200-round ammunition belt or a normal M16 magazine, the SAW is the standard automatic rifle used by infantry squads.

NAVY SEAL BOARDING UNIT: Formed in 1962, Navy SEALS are some of the most highly trained soldiers in the world. Boarding Units use their special skills and training to board and secure vessels -- usually having to secure every area of the ship space-by-space after boarding from either the air or water.

MK-19 GRENADE LAUNCHER GUNNER AND LOADER BOXED SET: The MK-19 had its genesis during the Vietnam War and was actually first used by the United States Navy on their gunboats to enhance their firepower and defenses. Based on a ground unit, this highly detailed box set features both the MK-19 gunner and the assistant gunner in action.

These figures are scheduled to reach store shelves in July.

Neither the Department of Defense nor any of its components has approved, endorsed or authorized this product.