Todd and Barry Sanders Exclusive Figure are Big Hits in Motown
Friday, February 10, 2006

McFarlane Toys spent Super Bowl week in Detroit, bringing along an exclusive figure and "the boss" himself. Six months after our "Detroit debut" at last summer's MLB FanFest, the McFarlane Toys booth returned to COBO Hall for our fourth consecutive year attending the NFL Experience.

We brought a limited amount of Barry Sanders Exclusives -- there were only 3,000 produced and they sold for $15 dollars apiece. We knew there would be considerable demand for the figure, and took care to monitor our lines and mark hands to make sure our "one figure per person" limit was enforced. Even with the stringent policy, we managed to sell half our inventory on the show's first day (Wednesday, Feb. 1st), nearly half the next day, and the remaining 44 pieces first thing Friday afternoon. Our thanks to everyone who came by the booth -- meeting and talking with collectors is always a fun part of the show.

In addition to the Exclusive figure, we also brought Todd McFarlane to the show. Like Houston two years ago, Todd was an official autograph signer through the NFL, but he also spent hours at our booth greeting fans, signing autographs and even sketching, as time permitted.

We enjoyed our time in Detroit and want to thank the Motor City for their hospitality. The McFarlane Traveling Road Show will be in Miami for next year's Super Bowl but the next stop will be in Pittsburgh for the MLB FanFest this summer -- look for more info about that event in the weeks to come!

Super Bowl Contest Winners
It's time to announce the winners of our Super Bowl Barry Sanders giveaway. We wanted to have a little something for fans unable to attend the NFL Experience, and awarded five online winners their own Barry Sanders figure. Those winners are:

But as they say -- it ain't over till it's over. We've got five more Barry Sanders figures to give in a new online contest! For details, go here.