Sam & Twitch in Top 10, Plus Nominated for French Award
Friday, December 30, 2005

Scoop, a free e-newsletter catering to collectibles fans, has selected the Top Ten Comic Books of 2005, and placed Case Files: Sam & Twitch #12 in the No. 8 spot. In most cases, the judging panel deferred to issues that were part of an ongoing series or a mini-series which enjoyed multiple issues. To be eligible, the issue considered had to have been featured in Scoop's "Off The Presses" section during 2005.

The Scoop editors write:

"The concluding chapter of 'Skeletons' wraps up everything from the story with death and danger as Sam and Twitch try to get to the heart of what's been going on. Writer Marc Andreyko and artist Paul Lee have succeeded in telling a story wherein 'mature readers' isn't a euphemism for just a bunch of swearing. This issue, as has the rest of the story, moves fluidly between delicate nuance and sledgehammer effect. We hope studio chief Todd McFarlane is planning on collecting these stories in trade paperback format sometime soon. Always an interesting read."

To see Scoop's entire Top 10 list, go here.

But the recognition doesn't stop there. Or perhaps we should say, le reconnaissance.

Delcourt, the French publisher of Case Files, has informed us that the Sam and Twitch "Skeletons" storyline (in French "Les Enquêtes de Sam & Twitch 1: Squelettes") is nominated for an award in the category Best Album, as selected by readers.

Results will be announced during the Angoulême International Comics Festival, January 26- 29 in France. Angoulême is arguably one of the most important comic books festivals in the world and Todd McFarlane was one of the guests of honor at this Festival a couple of years ago.

The French edition contains US Case Files #7 - 12, plus 13 (despite the fact that this last issue was a "fill-in" and not being part of the "Skeletons" storyline appeared to be suited for this collection). It also features great art by Paul Lee.