McFarlane Toys Reveals Second Series of Realistic Military Action Figures
Friday, September 02, 2005

Earlier this year, McFarlane Toys released its first line of action figures based on modern military soldiers, opening up a new category in our ever-growing catalog of products. This first foray into the world of military collectibles was met with great enthusiasm from both our longtime fans, regardless of their collecting habits - sports, movie, comic book, monsters, etc. - as well as military collectors and individuals who don't necessarily consider themselves "collectors."

With our first series (McFarlane's Military) such a resounding success we quickly developed a way to expand on that initial line with a series of figures that would work in unison with McFarlane's Military. The results, McFarlane's Military: Redeployed, which features variations of the six original figures in a fashion that allows them to work together in two-man squads while showcasing a number of differences -- whether they be in the actual sculpture or paint applications -- will be available at retail later this month.

And the troops continue to roll out...

Now that the stage has been set and you have an understanding of the short (but growing) history of McFarlane's Military, we are now proud to present to you the second all-new line of modern military action figures. Complete with the attention to detail that is the hallmark of all McFarlane Toys' action figures, McFarlane's Military: 2nd Tour of Duty consists of...

Sculpted in life-like poses with accurate uniforms and equipment used by modern American military soldiers and including custom detailed bases, each figure is represented in standard McFarlane action figure scale (6 to 7 inches).

Stay tuned for further updates regarding our plans for the future of McFarlane's Military -- a future that holds an ever-expanding lineup of figures and accessories for an array of military-based products.

McFarlane's Military: 2nd Tour of Duty will be in stores this November.

Neither the Department of Defense nor any of its components has approved, endorsed or authorized this product.