Varitek with Umpire Two-Pack Coming this Fall
Friday, July 01, 2005

This one has been a long time coming and we're pleased to announce it's finally here. The McFarlane Collector's Club will release a special exclusive Major League Baseball two-pack featuring Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek plus an umpire and an interactive base.

The set includes Red Sox captain Varitek in his set position after giving the sign and awaiting the pitch. The umpire is crouched behind him on the base ready to make the ball or strike call.

The base itself is larger than normal, featuring a plate, the catcher area and room for the umpire to squat behind the catcher. The coolest part is the plate is removable and the base is engineered to allow any previously released McFarlane's Sports Picks batter and base to be plugged into the catcher base. That way, fans can create their own custom hitting dioramas utilizing their favorite hitters.

We don't have final approved photography to share at this time. The set will be released in a clamshell -- not a box -- through the McFarlane Collector's Club online store in late October. We'll report back with details -- price, limits and the all-important photography -- as soon as they're available. We were so excited that this set was finally being released, though, that we had to share the news.