Incredible, Far-Reaching Changes Coming to Comic Series
Friday, June 17, 2005

The groundbreaking 150th issue of Spawn is coming this fall and we've got huge news to share concerning the comic and the character that is the very wellspring of the McFarlane Companies.

First, the obvious: The 150th issue of an independent ­ and often dark and disturbing ­ comic book, one that saw its first issue hit shelves in June of 1992, is a truly big deal.

Regular readers know that the core Spawn character has been changing, adapting to his Hell-born powers and his circumstances, transforming into an organic force of nature. Spawn #150 is the marker that signals a real turn in Spawn's existence.

The sleeping giant has awoken.

"I have to keep pushing the limits of my character and the direction I've always envisioned for him," said Spawn creator Todd McFarlane. "I believe that we've been pacing a bit slowly, so we're moving onto the super-highway with Spawn. Enormous changes are in store ­ changes at a cosmic level ­ and it's tremendously exciting."

To increase the pace and the energy of the book, we're proud to welcome a new creative team to the fold. Penciler Angel Medina and longtime writer Brian Holguin were masterful in creating ­ with Todd's direction ­ the current world of the Hellspawn.

Now we're ushering in the team to take it to the next level: phenomenally talented penciler Philip Tan (of Uncanny X-Men fame) and British writer extraordinaire David Hine (best-known for District X, Strange Embrace and Daredevil).

Brian Haberlin --­ a man who knows the Spawn mythos inside, out and backward --­ will become the new editor-in-chief of Spawn and will bring a new energy (and new projects?) to the Spawn universe. He, along with the new creative team, will be in charge of turning Todd's vision into reality.

Spawn #150 itself will be a special double-length story with added editorial content, pinup art and much more. It will feature four variant covers from four unique artists: Todd McFarlane, Greg Capullo, Philip Tan and Jim Lee.

Want a bold new enemy for Spawn? Check. Got it.

This incredible issue will serve as a jumping-on point for new readers and marks an undeniable change in the future of the Spawn that will intrigue longtime readers. Don't miss it when it hits stores in September.