2005's Large-Scale Football Figures in All Their Glory
Friday, May 27, 2005

McFarlane Toys will release its third series of 12-inch NFL figures this fall. In addition to giving some of the best active players in the league the "superstar" (i.e., large-scale) treatment, we'll also be offering two players from our NFL Legends debut series in 12-inch scale.

Here's the lineup:

These large-scale toys truly showcase the level of detail and authenticity you get from a McFarlane Toys action figure. Each is sculpted in an action pose with official team uniform and base.

We're releasing these figures to retailers in three waves. The first, containing Aikman and Elway, will hit in late August. The second, featuring Brady and Bettis, hits in late September. And the final wave, Tomlinson and Owens, will be available in late October.

Enjoy the photography.