Save Some Money, Win Exclusive Sports Figures
Friday, February 18, 2005 recently held a Valentine's Day contest in part to reward the McFarlane widows/widowers who have been playing second fiddle to our fans' action figure fixation! Our Valentine's Day contest was designed to keep a little more money in your pocket by winning figures for yourself, so you can spend that money on your significant other.

The prize for entering the contest was 20 total sets of event exclusive figures to be given away to 20 lucky and hardworking winners. The contest was a multi-part deal. We first had everyone simply enter the online database with their name and contact information. We then randomly selected 50 of those entrants, contacted them and had them write us a paragraph -- with photos -- of why they have the best McFarlane significant other.

Then we had the tough task of winnowing them down to 20 winners.

That was tougher than it sounds. All the entries were very, very good. We have a legion of dedicated and creative fans out there in digital-land and a lot of put-upon spouses who deal with the madness.

Through a team effort, we were able to determine the final 20 winners. They are:

Winners either receive a Super Bowl 39 Jacksonville set or a Latrell Sprewell and Carmelo Anthony NBA set.

Thanks again to everyone who entered.