Classic Fairy Tales Get a Twist in This Anticipated Toy Line
Wednesday, November 24, 2004

McFarlane's Monsters has grown to become one of McFarlane Toys' most popular in-house action figure lines. Given the popularity of the previous three Monsters lines, we had big, spooky boots to fill with Series 4.

Our designers got together with Todd and tossed around sketches and ideas. What emerged is a series of six figures based on classic fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters each evolved in the now-classic McFarlane style.

Here's the lineup:

GRETEL. This German princess strikes a much more, uh, impressive pose than her fairy tale counterpart. Getting lost in the woods is the least of her worries.

HANSEL. Gretel's brother is in somewhat of a bind, trapped and waiting for the evil witch to fatten him up.

PETER PUMPKIN EATER. Peter has definitely lost his cool. His wife is now resting "piecefully" in the pumpkin and Peter's making room for more.

LITTLE MISS MUFFET. The eight-legged monstrosity attacking poor Miss Muffet has more on his mind than curds and whey.

HUMPTY DUMPTY. Falling off the wall was shocking enough, but Humpty is in a real world of hurt now. A mere cracked shell would seem like a gift at this point.

RED RIDING HOOD. All we can say is that the Big Bad Wolf didn't know what he was getting into when he attacked this particular young lady.

McFarlane's Monsters 4 is still in the sculpting stages, thus we have no photography at this time. Rest assured, though; we think fans of this series will be extremely pleased when we unveil official photography in the coming months.

This line is set to hit retail shelves in May 2005. Stay tuned for more information as it's available.