A Complete List of the Champs, Plus Message Boardies, Too
Friday, November 12, 2004

For the second year running, held a Beat Todd's Picks contest in which site users were invited to take on Todd in predicting the MLB regular season standings (first to last place in order, per division) in each of the six divisions.

The prize for the person who finished closest to zero -- a perfect score -- and beat Todd's standings would be an entire year's worth of MLB regular-issue action figures.

Todd is very good at this game, but 2004 offered some major upsets in the standings. Several folks beat Todd's score and four big guns ended up tied for first place at -16.

So it came to a playoff challenge with all the chips -- well, all the regular figures in MLB Series 8, 9 and 10 -- at stake.

The playoff challenge for the four remaining competitors was to pick the total number of runs scored in the 2004 World Series.

Our overall winner -- Ross Somers of San Antonio, TX -- must have suspected a sweep, as he came in with the lowest totals, 39 runs (there were a total of 36 runs scored in the four-game Red Sox sweep).

Congratulations on a huge win, Ross. Look for a similar contest next season on

In other contest news, we randomly selected the five winners for the special Grand Opening signing plate contest. We had Todd McFarlane, comic artist Greg Capullo and toy designer Ed Frank sign plates to give away online for those who couldn't attend our Store/Showroom Grand Opening in October.

Those winners:

Finally, we recently had a 2004 MLB Playoff Challenge on the Sports message board. The Boston Red Sox' march to the World Series title made winners out of three board members! Hats off to:

Dave2134, who nailed the prediction, picking the Red Sox over the Cardinals in four games with Manny Ramirez as the MVP. He selected the Mariners Ken Griffey Jr./Red Sox Roger Clemens set as his prize.

Jjezioro225 had everything correct except he picked the Series to go five games. With the second prize, jjezioro selected our MLB Exclusives package (Sammy Sosa, Frank Thomas, Jeff Bagwell, Roger Clemens).

OilersRmylife had the exact same prediction as jjezioro225, but made his post later in the contest. For third place, OilersRmylife wins the Yankee Stadium 3-inch Jeter/A-Rod two-pack.

Thanks to everyone for participating and look for another "Playoff Challenge" thread for the upcoming NFL postseason.