Halfway Through the Season, Check your Contest Standings
Friday, August 13, 2004 wanted to take this opportunity to prove Todd wrong and hope you will help! As some of you may remember, we had a contest to see if there was anyone out there who knew their baseball better than self-proclaimed "psycho-fan" Todd McFarlane.

Todd issued this challenge to listeners on his radio show and we opened it up to all users. We asked you to predict how the 30 MLB Teams would finish at the end of the 2004 regular season in order, by division. We received thousands of entries and our crack programming team developed a system which will tabulate your picks against Todd's to see who deserves the bragging rights. Of course, this is just a mid-season update. The winner will be announced after the regular season.

Click here to check your score against Todd's and also against the current MLB standings. Remember, you have to beat Todd's score to at least qualify for the prize at the end of the season. If there are several who finish with a higher score than Todd, we will select the person with the best score as the winner. In the case of a tie, we will notify all potential winners who will take part in a tiebreaker exercise. As a reminder, the winner will take home all of the 2004 McFarlane's Sports Picks 6-inch regular-edition baseball figures, 22 action figures in all.

Todd McFarlane's radio show will be live again next Thursday Aug. 19 from 2pm-3pm EST on This is a rare opportunity to hear Todd discuss baseball, upcoming figures, etc. And it is also your chance to TALK to TODD. Call (800)-431-0734 during the show and ask about the next Cubs figure we're going to make or how come our figures are so incredibly detailed or to tell him how you are schooling him in the Beat Todd's Picks contest! You can send questions or comments to Todd anytime at