Be on the Lookout for a New McFarlane/Semic Project
Friday, July 02, 2004

The French Spawn project, officially known as Spawn: Simony, recently translated from the original French into English and released in the U.S. as a trade paperback, was the number 1 TPB for the month of May.

Congratulations to the creative team -- writer Alex Nikolavitch, artist Aleksi Briclot, and editors Jeff Porcherot and Thierry Mornet -- and thanks to everyone who purchased this special book.

After the success of Simony, the McFarlane Companies is working with Semic -- our French publishers -- on another original project.

This time, the story is related to our ace detectives Sam and Twitch. Currently titled Sam & Twitch: Mary H. Chase, the creative team will be writer Luca Blengino and artist Luca Erbetta, edited by Semic staffers Porcherot and Mornet.

Sam and Twitch must face a serial killer known as "the Writer," who shares his short stories written on the bodies of his victims. Scheduled as a four-issue mini-series outside the current continuity of Case Files: Sam & Twitch, each issue focuses on a single day in the hunt for the killer and is set -- where else? -- in New York City.

Featuring exceptional dialogue and artwork, the French Sam & Twitch is sure to be another hit. Stay tuned to for more breaking news and final release schedule on this new project as it's available.