Pair Team Up to Produce Sports Picks Figures for 2004 Release
Friday, May 28, 2004

Going ... going ... gone! A phrase synonymous with baseball slugger Barry Bonds and one sure to attach itself to the new McFarlane's Sports Picks Barry Bonds figures set to be released later this year.

McFarlane Toys has reached an agreement with Barry Bonds to produce game-accurate action figures of the undisputed home run king.

No stranger to the love of the game and history of baseball, Todd McFarlane, founder and CEO of McFarlane Toys, owns both Bonds' 73rd and Mark McGwire's 70th home run baseballs.

"The pursuit of home run records has continued to fascinate sports fans since the arrival of Babe Ruth," said McFarlane. "Now Barry Bonds is taking aim at the most cherished sports record as he's passed Willie Mays and pursues Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth. We could well be watching baseball history unfold right before our eyes."

Bonds smashed his way into the record books in April 2004 when he crushed his 660th career home run. With just Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron left to catch, the future hall-of-famer is excited to have McFarlane Toys reproduce his likeness.

"Bonds and McFarlane are the perfect match," said Jeff (JB) Bernstein, managing director of Pro Access, Barry Bonds' official marketing agent. "They have both used hard work, God-given talent and attention to detail to redefine greatness in their respective industries."

It's a sure bet that the action figures will fly off the shelf about as quick as a ball off the MLB slugger's bat. Plans to have several action figures of different sizes and uniforms are in the works with the exact details to be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.