Spawn Video Game Preorders to Receive 4-Inch Action Figure
Friday, May 21, 2004

Namco's Spawn: Armageddon, the popular action game released in North America and Europe, is making its way to Japanese PS2s. Spawn has been extremely popular among Japanese fans for years, especially figure collectors and American comic enthusiasts. The release of this title in Japan is something Japanese fans have been eagerly awaiting.

Renamed Spawn: Chains of Destiny in Japanese, the game will be released on June 3 and those who opt to pre-order it will be pleasantly surprised. A limited-edition McFarlane Toys original Spawn figure will be included only with copies reserved at participating stores in Japan. The figure was made for promotional purposes and can only be acquired through this special deal. Its shape and coloring are of high quality and it is sure to compliment the collection of any figure fan or Spawn enthusiast.

"My relationship with Namco goes back several years now and I am happy to say that it continues today and hopefully into the future. I've been a fan of Namco's game design for some time, going all the way back to the original PlayStation platform. The progress in both story and game design they have shown since then has been amazing," said McFarlane companies founder and CEO Todd McFarlane.

"The new game they created based solely on Spawn is a visual delight. The character has depth to its design, and moves within his environment in a unique and intriguing way. The bosses are not only great to look at, but a challenge to beat. I not only wanted the game to look good, I wanted to make sure that it would be a challenge for gamers all over the world. It is without a doubt my favorite game based on my property. I can only hope we produce a sequel to this game which will be even better.... if that's possible," he continued.

"I hope Japanese Spawn fans enjoy this game, as I have always been thankful to my many loyal fans there. The Spawn figure which accompanies the game is one of the best we have ever sculpted and I hope all of my fans will accept it as a thank you for their support. Hopefully I will return to Japan soon and be able to thank all of my fans in person."