Have a Say in the Best Figures of the Year from McFarlane
Friday, December 19, 2003

Grammy Awards? Academy Awards? Harold and Marvin's Best Toy of the Year award? Bah, we don't need those steeenking awards. Not when we're about to introduce the 2003 McFarlane Toys Achievement Awards on

There will be two separate (but linked) polls that go live on the Sports and Toys message boards at Friday, Dec. 19th, voted on by the members of the community. Winners will be announced Monday, Jan. 5.

Board moderators Jon Goff and Mark Weber will set up pinned polls on the boards with several categories each for board members to vote in. The polls will have "hidden results" (even from us) and will be shown when the pre-set timer expires. After the polls expire, the results will be tabulated and the results of your voting given on the board and in a wrap-up news story.

Best Facial Likeness
Best Lineup
Best Boxed Set
Sports Figure of the Year
Best Pose
Best Surprise Figure
Best 12-inch Figure
Best Exclusive Figure
Favorite Sports Series
Best Paint Application

Figure of the Year (Non-Sports)
Line of the Year
Best Likeness - Movies (Human), Music
Best Representation - Movies (Machines, Non-Humans)
Best Representation - Comics, Video Games
Best Accessory
Best Packaging
Best Boxed Set
Best Pose
Best Paint Application
Best Exclusive
Best Feature

Be sure to check out those threads and make your (electronic) voice heard on your favorite McFarlane action figures of 2003.