Enter New Contest to Win Complete Set of Series 24 Toys
Friday, October 17, 2003

Well, well, well, the gang's all here: Spawn, Al, Sam, Twitch, Jason Wynn, the Clown and more of your favorite illustrated characters in Spawn issue #129, hitting comic book stores shelves this Wednesday, Oct. 22.

Not only does 129 wrap up the compelling and entertaining "Wake Up Dreaming" story arc -- offering tremendous art by Angel Medina and a well-told story by Brian Holguin, not to mention the always-stunning ads and editorial content -- but this issue has a special bonus:

The chance to win yourself a full six-figure set of the upcoming Spawn Series 24 action figures signed by Todd McFarlane.

That's right, be sure to pick up Spawn 129 this Wednesday. In the back of the book is a contest. Simply fill out the form (photocopies are OK, we don't expect you to cut up your comics) and mail it in for a chance to win a set of what may be the hottest Spawn action figure series ever released.

Based solely on comic book reference, Series 24: The Classic Comic Covers, translated the rich gallery of Spawn comic artwork into three dimensions. For more info on Spawn Series 24, check out the online feature here. Good luck.