Here's What You Can Expect on Shelves Soon
Friday, October 03, 2003

One of the most popular questions we receive is ... "when?" When are new lines coming to stores, when will they be in such-and-such area? When is the exact day of release?

We do have a release chart on that we work to keep as up-to-date as possible. Eagle-eyed readers do note, however, that we only give a month of release. That's correct. There are too many variables involved (ports, customs, specific retailers, geography, etc.) for us to be any more specific than a given month.

But that's where the crack news staff comes in. Every few weeks, we update what's where in the shipping system and give a slightly better estimate of when certain items should be hitting stores.

Here we go ...

McFarlane's Sports Picks: NFL Series 6 has been in stores for a couple of weeks now and is selling like gangbusters. McFarlane Toys has sold through its entire production run on this line in near-record time.

The next NFL deluxe two-pack, featuring Raiders QB Rich Gannon vs. Bucs LB Derrick Brooks, is scheduled to hit retailers (Toys "R" Us, WalMart and Target) in mid-October.

The next Spawn line, Series 24: Classic Comic Covers, has hit the ports and is being prepped for shipping to retail. Expect this line, including the Club-exclusive Spawn i.098, by mid-October at all retailers.

The series of five NFL 12-inch-scale action figures is set for release, too. Expect those at retail (TRU and various specialty retailers) by the end of October.

Finally, the long-awaited premiere NASCAR drivers series, mass-market versions, are racing toward retail. Expect this first series of six drivers to hit shelves in late October.

Enjoy and happy hunting ...