Outcome to be Determined; MLB Radio Show Returns Nov. 6
Friday, October 03, 2003

Prior to the start of spring training, Todd devised a "beat the experts" contest on his weekly Radio show. The challenge was to correctly pick Major League Baseball's final regular season standings in each division, and do it better than Todd.

To recap, Todd bet his listeners and readers all the regular series baseball action figures produced in 2003 that he could pick the final MLB standings more correctly than everyone else. The contest was based on the following criteria: A person is docked one point for each missed place in the standings, up or down. Thus, the person who scores closest to zero wins. For full contest details read the original story.

The regular season has ended. The results have been tallied. And, the winner is... (Insert drum roll here) going to have to wait until the World Series is decided, due to a tie. Todd's picks netted him -20. Six people beat Todd at his game, with two people out-dueling everyone by scoring -16. Congratulations to Sean O'Connor from White Plains, NY, and Joel Bangkot from Pacifica, CA.

The rules stated that if more than one person beat Todd and had the best score, we would have a random drawing. After reviewing the situation, the prize committee -- headed up by special-needs contest intern Cochise -- met in emergency session this week. We then contacted Sean and Joel who agreed to continue the contest until the World Series, rather than hold a random drawing for two. Once the World Series teams have been decided, Sean and Joel will each pick the series winner and the number of games it takes to win. Stay tuned later this month for the results.

Finally, Todd's Radio Show returns Nov. 6. The show is off the air during the October playoffs. Starting Thursday, Nov. 6, Todd will return with weekly shows, excluding Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. The show will air at a new time: 2 to 3 PM Eastern. This schedule should hold through Spring Training.

To keep track of Todd's show, check out the special events page dedicated to it -- The page features a direct link to Radio's home page to listen live or to archives if you are a subscriber to's paid services. Todd does the radio show for free and receives no compensation from the subscription services, which took effect in March.