Comic Book Series Finale Right Around the Corner
Friday, September 26, 2003

The popular Sam and Twitch comic book title is nearing the end of its run. Issue #25, the penultimate issue in the Todd McFarlane-written "John Doe Affair" story arc, hits store shelves Wednesday, Oct. 1.

This issue prepares readers for the grand finale, issue #26, which will be hitting shelves in approximately a month. Sam and Twitch #26 will not only end the current story arc, it will be the final issue of this compelling crime noir comic. As a bonus to our dedicated readers, #26 will have several pages of added content.

But never fear. Detectives Sam Burke and Twitch Williams haven't left the building. They star in the newest Todd McFarlane Productions monthly comic book: Case Files: Sam and Twitch. Issue #3 of that title recently hit shelves, with #4 on the way. "Have You Seen Me?" is the first story arc, featuring amazing three-part artwork by Scott Morse and a substantial story by Marc Andreyko.