Check Out New Downloadable Oz Trailer
Friday, September 19, 2003

McFarlane's Monsters 2: The Twisted Land of Oz toys have started hitting retail and are poised to be one of the most popular (and most discussed) action figure series of 2003.

Oz is an adult collector-oriented line of figures based roughly on the legendary work by writer L. Frank Baum. Our designers took that core mythology and applied a little "twist" to it, creating an alternate Land of Oz and the characters that inhabit it.

The Twisted Land of Oz contains the following characters:

For more specific information on this series, visit the online feature at

Sales on this newly released Oz series have been staggering. McFarlane Toys will be sold through its entire production run by next week, making Monsters 2 one of the fastest-selling lines in the company's history.

As an added bonus to an already feature-filled line, our crack staff in New Jersey has created an Oz-based trailer. This is actually our first effort at a new tool for promoting upcoming lines. We were still tweaking it when Oz was released, but if feedback is good, we'll create similar promo trailers for several upcoming lines. Check out the Oz trailer and let us know what you think on our Toys message board. Enjoy.

>> View/download Medium size (320x180, 4.08mb)
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Note: Trailers require the QuickTime 6 player.