Todd to Appear on New 'The Emmitt Zone' TV Show
Friday, September 12, 2003

When Emmitt Smith signed on with the Arizona Cardinals, he committed to become part of the "Arizona" community and to establish relationships around metro Phoenix.

His efforts include The Emmitt Zone, a weekly magazine-style sports and entertainment show Emmitt hosts every Sunday on ABC 15 TV in Phoenix. The show, which debuted Sept. 7, includes spotlights on sports, entertainment, business and politics. Guests include local and national celebrities as well as news from the entertainment world.

Emmitt stopped in this week for a visit with Todd amid a room full of McFarlane Toys figures, a Spawn mannequin that stands more than 6 feet tall and three certain home run baseballs from Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. Emmitt wanted to talk about Todd's success in business from his early comic book days forward, his expertise in sports collectibles and memorabilia, and to find out just how the McFarlane's Sports Picks figures are so life-like, especially those Emmitt figures.

During the course of the interview spanning more than two hours, Emmitt gave Todd some friendly razzing about not owning any of his memorabilia and commented how often he's seen Sports Picks in offices all over the country during meetings and tours.

Todd and Emmitt got down to serious business and discussed at length the authenticity of sports memorabilia. Todd talked about the tracking system Major League Baseball put in place during the McGwire-Sosa home run race and the Bonds record run. (For more information about that, read 'Last Week in Baseball'.) Emmitt addressed how he started using WeTrak to authenticate all of his memorabilia. WeTrak is a sports collectibles security company that developed an authentication and security system using microchips embedded in footballs, jerseys and other equipment to verify a player used a certain item. The chips also contain statistics and information from the day the equipment was used, which can help to establish the item's value.

Once the TV editing process is complete, the show's producers expect to generate multiple segments featuring Todd. As soon as we have airdates, we will let you know. Early word is they are planning to air something during the Sept. 21 show.

For those in the Phoenix area, catch The Emmitt Zone Sundays at 4 and 11 PM on Channel 15. Check their site for full program listings.