What Lines are Currently at Retail and What's Coming
Friday, May 30, 2003

Every so often here on, we like to take a step back -- no, not from the edge - from our future-gazing to take a look at real-world toy shelves. From Overpopulated, Calif., to Still Snowing, Maine, -- and all podunks in between - here's what should be in your local toy store or hitting there shortly.

Our first series of The Matrix collectible figures has hit all retailers in the U.S., Canada and international, and is selling rapidly. Second wave shipments are heading out currently. The Matrix deluxe boxed set from Series 1, the Neo in Chateau scene from The Matrix Reloaded, is set to begin showing up at retail initially the week of June 2.

Movie Maniacs 6, the Alien and Predator line, hit retail - domestic and international -- a couple of weeks back and is well on its way to becoming our most successful MM series to date. The Alien Queen deluxe boxed set from Movie Maniacs VI showed up at retail this week and is already a huge seller.

McFarlane's Sports Picks: MLB Series 5 is starting to now trickle into stores. The bulk of that line should hit in force in the coming days. McFarlane's Sports Picks: NBA Series 4 will show up later in June.

Spawn Series 23: Mutations, the next full Spawn series, is slated for a mid to late June appearance in stores.

In an odd situation, an entire shipment of the deluxe Darkness from Legend in fishtank figure originally slated for release some time back was lost in transit. We have more shipments scheduled to hit specialty retail during June.

In Collector's Club news, the next shipment of NBA Backboards is due to go on sale in the Spawn Store at on June 9. The Barry Bonds World Series exclusive is also still alive. Look for further info on that in the coming weeks.