Full Set of Figures and One-off Pewter Given Away
Friday, May 09, 2003

Cochise, our special-needs contest intern, has been working overtime grading the latest big contest. We sent him home early today to catch up on his rest and maybe get a decent meal. Before he left, though, he managed to pick two winners.

If you remember, we held a contest with the launch of the recent Spawn Series 23: Mutations feature. To enter, you had to answer a series of questions based on the new Hellspawn mythos in the feature. Here are the questions and the correct answers:

1. What does Spawn use to defend himself when the angel Warrior Lilith first strikes?
B. a cross

2. Who is the first Phlebiac brother to be consumed by Malebolgia?
C. Vaporizer

3. How does Terry find out about Al's missing body?
A. television news report

4. How does Spawn protect the police officers in the alley?
D. using his cape as a shield

5. In Hell, how is Billy Kincaid kept restrained?
B. by a cage made out of a flaming pentagram

6. Who tells Spawn that Malebolgia is still alive?
A. Warrior Lilith

7. How is the battle between Lilith and Spawn ended?
A. Domina's intervention

8. Where does Spawn first see Kin?
D. a convenience store

9. How does Spawn defeat Kin?
C. by crushing him in his cape

10. What does Domina do after she sees Spawn's transformation?
A. allows him to face Malebolgia again

11. According to her figure specs, how tall is the Warrior Lilith figure on her stand?
D. 7 1/2"

12. How many points of articulation does the Mutations Spawn figure have?
C. 12

13. How many pieces of headgear does the Al Simmons figure come with?
C. 2

14. Who drew the concept sketches for the Mutations figures?
B. Greg Capullo

15. How many tails does the mutated Spawn have?
C. 2

We placed all the entries with all the correct answers in a folder and the following were randomly selected.

The grand-prize winner, who will receive a one-of-a-kind pewter-washed version of the Spawn character from Series 23, is:

The runner-up will receive a complete set of Series 23 action figures. That is:Congrats to the winners - your prizes are on the way - and thanks to everyone who took the time to enter.