Canadian Player-Based Hockey Line Coming in July
Friday, April 25, 2003

As announced several weeks ago, the upcoming McFarlane's Sports Picks: NHL Series 5 - set for a July release - is based solely on Canadian players. The lineup includes the following figures:

This series will be offered to all Canadian retailers. Each retailer will receive a six-figure set, with the Roy figure being exclusive to WalMart stores and the Messier figure being exclusive to all other retailers. In other words, Roy will only be available at WalMart stores and Messier will only be available at retailers other than WalMart. The remainder of the assortment will be available across the board at all retailers. Each figure will have a variant, except for Koivu, Roy and Messier.

In great news for American collectors, NHL 5 will be available to hockey fans in the States. The retailer? That's right, you'll be able to purchase the entire set of seven figures direct from the Spawn Store at You'll need to join the McFarlane Toys Collector's Club, which you can do for free here ( We will offer this series in set purchase (seven figures) only and each case will contain one variant, though which variant will be random.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos, the NHL playoffs and stay patient for July.