Steve-O from 'Jackass,' Comic Book Artist Alex Ross Confirmed
Friday, April 18, 2003

Taking a page from the late night talk shows, the Todd McFarlane Show on MLB Radio is starting to gain momentum by lining up top-flight guests.

The show takes to the Internet airwaves every Thursday on MLB Radio at, the official Web site of Major League Baseball. Todd and co-host Seth Everett talk about current baseball news and visit with entertainment and sports guests from the pop culture worlds of comic books, music, television and movies.

On April 17, Todd's guest was talk show host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel. The week before, he brought on The Daily Show's Stephen Colbert and writer/director Ed Solomon. While Ed may not be a household name, his work is. Ed wrote Men In Black, Charlie's Angels (2000) and the Bill & Ted movies, as well as wrote and directed Levity, a movie coming out this year starring Billy Bob Thornton, Morgan Freeman, Holly Hunter and Kirsten Dunst.

If you missed those shows, don't worry, because the guest list for the next two weeks is certainly worth tuning in for.

On April 24, Todd talks with Steve-O from MTV's Jackass, Jackass the Movie and the Don't Try This At Home: The Steve-O Video. Steve-O, aka Steven Glover, is known the world over for his amazing feats of will and ludicrous stunts. You can find out more about Steve-0 at, a site not recommend for young Web surfers!

The following Thursday, May 1, Todd talks comic books with artist Alex Ross. Ross's recent works have celebrated the 60th anniversaries of Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman with fully painted, tabloid-sized books, depicting each of these characters using their powers to inspire humanity as well as help them. Alex recently worked with the band Anthrax to design the cover to their new album We Come for You All. The band's guitarist was on Todd's show in April talking about Ross's work. Alex also is well-known to Spawn fans as he inked one of the six variant covers for Spawn #100. If you want to brush up on Alex, go to to learn more.

The Todd McFarlane Show is on weekly from 4 to 5 PM Eastern during baseball's regular season, and offers listeners an eclectic mix of sports talk and entertainment, a concept we call "Homers and Hollywood." It's similar to Fox Sports' Best Damn Sports Show Period.

An important note to fans of the show: MLB Radio became a pay product at the start of the baseball season. offers several subscription levels, with the basic MLB Radio package starting at $9.95/year. To listen to the show and to get more information about the subscriptions, click here to hear past clips and click through to MLB Radio's home page.

FYI, the subscription fees have nothing to do with Todd or the McFarlane companies. Todd does the show weekly for free.