Special World Series Version Available Through Spawn Store
Friday, April 11, 2003

We've got a special treat coming this summer for Major League Baseball fans. As many of you know, McFarlane's Sports Picks: MLB Series 5 - slated for a June release - features a new sculpt of San Francisco Giants left-fielder Barry Bonds in his famous "fingers to the sky" post-home run pose.

In a special gesture from Major League Baseball, McFarlane Toys was given two bases used in a 2002 World Series game between the Giants and the Anaheim Angels. We're passing the love on to our fans.

We cut the bags into 200 equal pieces and are embedding each piece into the home plate base of the special Bonds action figure. Additionally, we added a World Series patch to Bonds' uniform and created special packaging stickers just for this piece.

The World Series edition Barry Bonds figures - at 200 pieces, the most exclusive figure we've ever produced -- will be available exclusively through the Spawn Store at in June. More details and photos as they become available.