Todd Works With Namco On New Game
Friday, January 17, 2003

One of the world's most popular weapons-based fighting games is about to be reborn. SOULCALIBUR II, the third game in the Soul line (following 1996's Soul Blade and 1999's Soul Calibur), is set for a U.S. release in August 2003 on all three major platforms (GameCube, Xbox and PS2).

With some 3 million games sold worldwide, the Soul franchise is revered among fighter-game fans for its graphics and play action. SOULCALIBUR II raises the bar again with a variety of different game modes and guest characters.

One of the guest characters is - you guessed it - Spawn. The Hell-borne character, armed with an ax, appears in the Xbox version of the game. The GameCube version features Link from Legend of Zelda and the PS2 version has Heihachi from Tekken. (Click here to see Spawn's concept art and in-game screenshots one and two.)

Additionally, all versions of the game feature a brand-new character - Necrid - created specifically for Soul Calibur 2 by Todd McFarlane Productions. (Click here for Necrid's in-game screenshots one and two.)

Will McFarlane Toys produce action figures from the game? (Whispers) yes. More details next month.

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