Inside Scoop On Line With Fresh Info, Pics
Friday, December 27, 2002

With all the hoopla surrounding some of the changes in 2003's Movie Maniacs 6 lineup, we here at thought we'd share a bit of the latest information and photos of the line.

We're doing this for you, dearest MM fan, to keep you as far inside the inner circle as we can without actually having to give you a paycheck. (And we really just needed to share these cool photos).

As many of you know, the lineup for Movie Maniacs 6 - set for an April 2003 release - is based entirely on characters from the Alien and Predator film series. There are four standard clamshell-packed figures and a deluxe boxed set.

Here is some new information. Keep in mind, much of this is still in the production stage and may change slightly in its final version.

The deluxe boxed set for MM6 will be the ALIEN QUEEN from Aliens. This figure will have about 10 points of articulation and a bendy tail. The set includes a custom diorama base. The trapped human figure in the base has chest-burster play action.

Hope you enjoy the new details and photography of the upcoming series. Stay tuned to for more info as it becomes available.