Start Of Big Things In New Digs
Friday, December 20, 2002

It's been a hectic several months here at the worldwide headquarters of all things Hellspawn. The company had outgrown its old suite of offices in a nondescript Tempe, AZ, complex that also housed an IRS office. Can you say karmic retribution? Yeah, we thought you could.

We ended up contracting a build-out in a brand-new building just a couple miles away from our previous spot. The new space is much larger and capable of adapting as the company continues to grow. It's a space we'll be proud to show to fans, buyers and media folks that come through.

Sitting on the second floor of a handsome glassed-in building, there's a large reception area soon to be decorated with tons of Spawn memorabilia (as soon as we get all these boxes unpacked).

The rest of the space is of the open bay variety, most employees situated in reasonably spacious cubicle areas. This is the first time most of us have actually been in constant eye contact with one another. So far, no fistfights, which is good. The entire back wall of the space is windows overlooking an orange orchard, which helps keep the peace. We have heard rumbling of a gang of rogue accounting folks looking for some payback on the Web department, but nothing has materialized. We'll keep you posted.

We also discovered the open area toward the front of the bay is particularly good for office chairs races, but keep that one on the down low.

The warehouse operation will be housed in a separate building just across the parking lot. Future plans call for a variety of cool things to be down here, including a possible retail store and Spawn museum of sorts. We'll keep you posted on those things as they progress.