Here's What's In Store For Next Year
Friday, November 15, 2002

The times, they are a changin', friends. McFarlane Toys will not attend the annual International Toy Fair -- held every February in New York City - in 2003.

There are several reasons for this. Toy Fair itself has changed to a degree. When McFarlane Toys first began attending the event, it was mostly for buyers to get their orders in for the coming year. That is no longer the case. Now Toy Fair is more of a public relations and media event, and buyers don't depend on that week to get orders in.

Fact is, the headquarters is in the process of moving to a new, larger facility. Once the move is complete, we'll have a permanent showroom onsite for media, buyers and, yes, fans, too. That'll be sure to put Phoenix on the destination map for something other than winter golf. Our Todd McFarlane Entertainment operation will be joining us in this new facility from Los Angeles.

While PR and media are definitely very important parts of our business, we feel we can handle that part of Toy Fair more efficiently from our sunny Arizona headquarters. The timing was just right for this change, as our facility will offer space to create our own Toy Fair event and the lease was up on our Manhattan office building.

For the average consumer and, very little will change this year. There will still be a big splash on just like every year. More details on that as the time draws closer.

PR and media folks will still have the opportunity to meet and interview Todd, and view our upcoming products. Only this year, they'll have the pleasure of coming to Phoenix rather than battle the bitter cold of NYC.

Again, we'll provide more details on these changes as Toy Fair times draws nearer.