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McFarlane Toys Presents the 'Collector Level™' Program
September 25, 2009
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McFarlane Toys has consistently created highly detailed and sought after collectible sports figures for years. And starting with our new 2010 sports product, McFarlane Toys is adding an exciting new program with the sports collector in mind. Our new Collector Level™ program is intended to give collectors more of what they want; limited edition, highly collectible figures included with each sports action figure assortment.

While any veteran SportsPicks collector will say we have always included "chase" or "variant" versions of existing figures before, the Collector Level™ program is intended to raise the bar.

"We've created this new program based on feedback we received from our fans over the years. The primary focus of this program is to create a line of collectibles that will excite you, the hard-core collector," said Todd McFarlane, McFarlane Toys CEO and self-professed "sports geek". "On top of this new program, we are also currently in development on new packaging for all upcoming SportsPicks lines: an all clamshell design. Starting with Cooperstown 7, all our 2010 lines will have new clamshell packaging. You ask for it, we will deliver it. We will continue to strive to bring you the best sports action figures possible. Thanks for all your support over the years."

Here are the things you need to know about the McFarlane Collector Level™.

What's the Collector Level™ program about?

We are expanding our current Classic Chase and Super Chase figure releases into a consistent marketing program by developing the Collector Level™. McFarlane Toys will produce special Level figures for the Collector Level™ program. There are six Levels in the program; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Premier, All-Star and MVP. Each Level matches to a limited production range. Nearly, every standard figure in a series will have an alternative figure; either a Collector Level™ or Classic Chase figure.

What's special about the Collector Level™ figure?

The Collector Level™ figures are limited in production. Each Collector Level™ figure will vary from the standard figure by having alternate uniforms, base variations, trophies, awards, accessories, possibly authentic player signatures, original or replica sports memorabilia or even pieces of actual uniforms or equipment. Each Level figure will be sequentially numbered on the base, includes the players' last name and the series name for authenticity. Each Level will have a production range minimum and maximum quantity matched to the specific Collector Level™.

How can Collectors identify the Collector Level™ figures?

Each package will have a Collector Level™ label on the front calling out the Collector Level™ figure available for that specific figure and a Collector Level™ chart on the back of the packaging. The chart will list the Levels and the Level "Look for Figure" produced in the series, along with the production range. The production range is set for each Level, but the actual quantity produced of a Level figure and what Level's will be used will vary from series to series.

Highlights of the McFarlane Collector Level™ Program:
  • Collector Level™ figures are limited in production, sequentially numbered and may have features that distinguish them from standard figures. These figures will be more limited in production than Classic Chase figures.
  • Every SportsPicks assortment case is guaranteed to receive a special Collector Level™ or Classic Chase figure.
  • Special features incorporated in the Collector Level™ figures may include alternate uniforms, base variations, trophies, awards, accessories, possibly authentic player signatures, original or replica sports memorabilia or even pieces of actual uniforms or equipment.
  • Collector Level™ figures will be randomly packed into unmarked assortment cases.
  • A Collector Level™ Chart, the "treasure map," highlighting the Collector Level™ figures and production range, will be prominent on the back packaging.
  • Front labels of the packaging will highlight the Collector Level™ figures available in the series.

Be sure to check back here for more information about Collector's Level, as well as more announcements regarding our SportsPicks action figures.

To find a SportsPicks retailer near you, check out our Where to Buy section.
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