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Phoenix Sports Teams, Athletes Make Good Neighbors, Partners
October 24, 2003
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There are few metropolitan areas that can boast four professional sports teams in their back yards. Phoenix calls the Phoenix Suns, the Phoenix Coyotes, the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Arizona Cardinals home teams. In addition, the Valley plays host to 12 Major League Baseball teams, including the Diamondbacks, for Spring Training, and a host of other high-profile college and professional sports events each year. Phoenix is also headquarters for McFarlane Toys and the signature sports collectibles line McFarlane's Sports Picks. Convenient, very convenient!

Did we plan it that way? No. But, we're happy to be here.

Having access to so many teams, so close, opens up many opportunities to interact with them and their athletes, especially when players become immortalized as a Sports Pick. We've had great opportunities to meet some athletes and team representatives, including Emmitt Smith's visit to our offices, our trip to the Arizona Diamondbacks to meet Luis Gonzalez, and a couple of trips to the Arizona Cardinals headquarters just down the road. Earlier this week, two staffers attended the unveiling of the Suns new third jersey.

Stephon Marbury (who appears in NBA Basketball Series 5) was in attendance, but the staffers did not meet him. However, they did meet with team representatives to discuss some great opportunities for working together. For the record, we reach out to all the teams and/or athletes that are represented by our Sports Picks.

The Suns already had been promoting the figures and sharing them with the players. For example, the staff alerted us to two entries in the Reporters' Notebook, an online home for Phoenix Suns news and notes. Here are the excerpts:
  • Oct. 10, 2003: Coming on the heels of the Amaré Stoudemire action figure, McFarlane Toys will be releasing a Stephon Marbury figure in (December). The two-time All-Star point guard is depicted with ball in hand directing the offense. "That's sweet," Starbury said. "Growing up, I had action figures of Isiah (Thomas), Magic (Johnson), (Michael) Jordan. I had G.I. Joes, too."

  • July 18, 2003: Todd McFarlane -- famed comic book artist, sports memorabilia collector, toy manufacturer -- will release his fourth line of NBA action figures next month, including the Suns' own Amaré Stoudemire. The series, titled the "Debut Line" also features the Cavs' Dajuan Wagner, the Bulls' Jalen Rose and the Pacers' Jermaine O'Neal.
For the full journal entries, go to and locate the dates listed above. Additionally, the Marbury figure will be highlighted in the Suns' gameday magazine Free Throw at the first six home games.

Despite living among many top athletes from the local teams, there are dozens more from teams across North America. So, while proud of the local boys, we keep it balanced by producing athletes from many different teams. We have, however, released figures from three of the four home teams, and there will undoubtedly be more to come. Here is a list of all the Arizona athletes who've appeared as Sports Picks:Photo credit: Jeramie McPeek/
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