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World Series Version Coming to Store Lottery
June 13, 2003
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We've got a special treat coming this summer for Major League Baseball fans. As many of you know, McFarlane's Sports Picks: MLB Series 5 - currently at retail - features a new sculpt of San Francisco Giants left-fielder Barry Bonds in his famous "fingers to the sky" post-home run pose.

In a special gesture from Major League Baseball, McFarlane Toys was given two bases used in a 2002 World Series game between the Giants and the Anaheim Angels. We're passing the love on to our fans.

We cut the bags into 200 equal pieces and are embedding each piece into the home plate base of the special Bonds action figure. Additionally, we added a World Series patch to Bonds' uniform and created special packaging stickers just for this piece.

The World Series edition Barry Bonds figures - at 200 pieces, the most limited figure we've ever produced -- will be available exclusively through the Spawn Store at for members of the McFarlane Toys Collector's Club.

With such a limited number of figures available, how do we sell these items fairly so everyone who's interested has an opportunity? Tough call. The answer: a lottery system.

Here's the plan:
  • We will post this special figure as a regular item in the Spawn Store a couple of weeks before it's available for purchase.

  • We will solicit anyone who's interested in this item to send in an e-mail message to a specific address. This e-mail will contain your full name and mailing address, e-mail address, along with your Club ID.

  • The limit will be one figure per person/family/address. NOTE: In an attempt to prevent ballot-stuffing, we will not allow multiple e-mails from the same person/family/household/address. Any attempt at this will result in all of those entries being discarded. Given the nature of this exclusive, we WILL be checking this, so please abide by the rules.

  • Once the entry deadline has been reached, we'll take the total number of entries and randomly - via a computerized random number generator -- select 200 people. These folks will be contacted directly and given their purchase instructions.

  • Cost of this item will be $40 each (shipping included) for U.S. residents; $43 each (shipping included) for Canadians; and $55 (shipping included) for all other countries.
Due to small production changes in the base, these pieces shipped after the regular MLB5 line and are expected to be available in early July. We'll likely update the Store to reflect this item in about 10 days.
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