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We Have the Definitive List of What is Coming to Stores Near You
July 02, 2009
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Worried that your holiday weekend plans will cut into your precious time searching Are you concerned that you might miss out on those great McFarlane Toys' that are heading to retailers this month? Your friends at McFarlane Toys took the time to put together a quick list of the hottest toys of the summer for your easy perusal.

So put down the fireworks and take a look at what is coming to a store near you this month.


Halo Odd Pods Series 1
Odd Pods are the new stylized variation of our highly successful Halo figures, with special appeal for the vast "urban" figure collector market. Odd Pods have interchangeable heads, torsos and arms for countless customization possibilities. The first series includes four fan-favorite Halo characters with weapons.

Halo Series 5: Equipment Edition
Our fifth series of 5-inch action figures is ready for battle! Campaign mode fans can add the heroic Sergeant Avery Johnson and the treacherous Jump Pack Brute to their collections, while Multiplayer fans can look forward to the first Elite figure in Assault armor and a white Spartan in the ever-popular Hayabusa armor set. Both camps can make use of the heavily fan-requested Weapons Pack, featuring 16 Covenant and UNSC weapons! All this and more, as each figure also includes a piece of Halo 3 equipment.

Halo Team Slayer Guardian 2-pack
This "Team Slayer" 2-pack includes a blue Spartan Mark VI with Battle Rifle and Frag Grenade, a red Elite Combat with Carbine Rifle and Plasma Grenade, and a bonus Gravity Hammer and Bubble Shield.

Halo Armor Pack (red)
This deluxe armor pack includes a red Spartan Scout base body with interchangeable CQB, ODST and EVA helmet, shoulder and chest armor sets. Pack also includes an Assault Rifle, dual SMGs, Shotgun and Frag Grenade.

Halo Armor Pack (teal) - Toys "R" Us and Diamond Exclusive
This deluxe armor pack includes a teal Spartan Mark VI base body with interchangeable Security, EOD and CQB armor sets. Pack also includes an Assault Rifle, dual SMGs, Shotgun and Frag Grenade.

SDCC Griftball Exclusive
And for those of you who are attending this year's San Diego Comic-Con, don't forget about our Griftball Toys "R" Us Comic Con exclusive. Read our announcement for more information by clicking here.

For more information on more of our Halo action figures, be sure to check out our Halo Brand Page.


3-Inch NFL Series 7
We're excited to bring you 3-inch NFL Series 7 -- 12 gridiron greats. These figures may be half the size of our regular Sports Picks figures, but they've got all the detail and attitude you've come to expect from McFarlane.

NFL Legends Series 5
McFarlane's Sports Picks NFL Legends 5 is a salute to some of the greatest players in NFL history. These seven players combined to win seven championships, six MVP awards, and a total selection to 40 Pro Bowls.

If you are looking for McFarlane Toys' products, be sure to check out our Where to Buy section to find a retailer near you.

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