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The Newest Details on the Upcoming Spawn Animation
May 06, 2005
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Breathing life into Spawn through animation has been one of the highlights on Todd McFarlane's resume. For three seasons on HBO, Todd McFarlane Productions brought award-winning animation to the small screen. Winning two Emmy's for Outstanding Animated Program, as well as a Golden Reel Award for achievement in sound editing, were huge accomplishments.

TMP is thrilled to be back in action on a new Spawn animated project. The wait has been long, but for good reason. With major technological advances in animation over the last five years, we are now at a place where we can truly bring Spawn back to life better than fans ever expected. It's been a year since we revealed that Spawn's cape would once again be snapping in the wind and his chains would again echo through the alleys of New York City. Fortunately a lot has happened in that year and we are happy to announce that this week marks the beginning of our fan updates on the Spawn animation.

From now until the animation is released, we are going to keep fans abreast of everything we can when it comes to the progress of the much-anticipated Spawn: Animation.

As we have mentioned before, we are creating this new animation in partnership with IDT Entertainment and Film Roman, an IDT Entertainment company. The relationship between our two companies is something we are very excited about, as we will be able to create and distribute our product within the same family of companies. Film Roman is a leading producer of animation and special effects, including such series as The Simpsons, King of the Hill, X-Men: Evolution and Tripping the Rift, season 2 of which will premiere this summer on the Sci-Fi network. Sister company Anchor Bay Entertainment is one of the largest independent distributors of DVDs and videos to retail outlets. All parties are enthusiastic about the relationship and we hope to have another hit on our hands with Spawn: Animation.

Our plan moving forward is to bring users a behind-the-scenes, first look at everything related to this project. You will be the first audience to see location designs, character sketches, designs and turns, color schemes and other visual elements of the animation. We intend to give you video footage of creative meetings and the process of Todd interacting with the artists and animators, discussing mood, lighting, perspectives and shadows among other things. In addition to this, we will provide updates on how things are progressing as far as soundtrack, casting, animating and more.

As we get deeper into production, we plan on sharing profiles of the artists and animators with you. When the time comes for casting, we will explain the process of selecting the perfect voice and quite possibly let you hear the voice tests. As often as we can, we will provide illustrations, photographs and video of production in progress. It is our hope that you will feel as connected to the project as we are and gain a good idea of what it takes to get Todd's unique vision onto the screen.

Something we are really looking forward to is hosting exciting contests related to the animation. We are still brainstorming ideas, but it's our intention to have some exceptional prizes for you, our loyal fans. We know you have been waiting a long time for this and we want to show you how much we appreciate your patience!

To start off we will try and get a few of the most common questions answered:

  • No. The new animation is not a continuation of the HBO series.

  • We have been working on a new story to go along with the new and improved look for a long time to make sure tonally it was something entirely new and edgy.

  • Todd along with Brian Holguin -- the writer of Spawn and KISS: Psycho Circus comic books -- have co-written the script.

  • The animation will be "R" rated.

  • Todd and TME president Terry Fitzgerald will be Executive Producing the animation. We are also thrilled to have a few of the directors and animators from the original HBO series returning to the animation team as well.

  • Todd McFarlane Entertainment and some of its executives will provide consulting work on this project.

  • The biggest difference you will notice is in the visuals. This time we'll be featuring a combination of 2D/3D characters on 3D backgrounds, as opposed to the HBO series where everything was exclusively 2D with touches of 2D CG.

  • Yes, we are trying to get Keith David back as the voice of Spawn.

  • Upon completion of the animation we intend to shop the project around Hollywood and are confident we will find a home on network or cable television for future installments of the animation.

  • Currently we are planning to release the 70-minute movie direct to DVD via Anchor Bay Entertainment.

  • The projected DVD release date is early 2006.

All stories are Copyright © and TMP International, Inc., and may not be reprinted without permission.

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