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Our Most Popular Sports Line of the Year Arrives in July
January 12, 2007
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Our NFL Legends lineup is our most popular Sports Picks line of the year - winner of the Action Figure Award for "Best Lineup" two years running. Collectors have filled the message board with requests, and begged Todd for hints in his "ToddCasts" every week. With this much anticipation, it"d be hard to live up to our collector's cumulative expectations - but the NFL Legends 3 lineup is up to the challenge. It features a pair of explosive running backs, two of the best quarterbacks of all time, our first NFL Legends sequel figure, and arguably the game's greatest defender - who remains an honored legend in two passionate NFL cities. Enough hoopla then! McFarlane Toys is proud to present NFL Legends Series 3:

BO JACKSON: "Bo knows" plenty, and the first-ever All-Star in both the NFL and MLB was a singular force in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He fit right in with the top stars on the diamond, but it was on the gridiron where he brought an unparalleled combination of daunting power and breathtaking speed. Bo joined the Los Angeles Raiders in 1987, and arrived in a big way by posting a 221-yard rushing performance in a thrashing of the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football. Bo outran both teams and the camera's focus on a 91-yard touchdown comet, and crushed mouthy linebacker Brian Bosworth on another touchdown run. A hip injury in the 1990 NFL Playoffs was the sudden end to Bo's NFL career. He only played four baseball-abbreviated seasons in the NFL, but he carved out a legacy long remembered by NFL fans everywhere.

DAN MARINO: When rookie QB Dan Marino burst onto the Miami scene in 1983, his debut performance (20 TD and only six INT) made Dolphins fans secure that they wouldn"t have to worry about the quarterback position for a long time. Marino delivered 17 brilliant seasons in Miami, taking the Dolphins to the Super Bowl and to the playoffs 10 times. During his career, he established himself as the most prolific passer in NFL history, setting records for most touchdown passes in a season and career touchdown passes, while racking up more than 11 miles of passing yardage. Dolphin fans are pretty sure Marino could lead their team to the playoffs right now (some eight years after his retirement), and I can"t say we disagree with them...

REGGIE WHITE: The gravel-voiced phenom was a true story in duality - an absolutely furious terror on the field, but one of the kindest, most philanthropic gentlemen in the history of the NFL. "The Minister of Defense" built his legacy thriving in Buddy Ryan's Philadelphia Eagles defense, butting heads with Bill Parcells" Giants and Joe Gibbs" Redskins in the fierce NFC East of the late 1980s. White became the league's first marquee free agent, and his tour of suitors brought him to Green Bay, where he set the Packers career sack mark and won a Super Bowl in 1998. White was taken from us far too soon (passing away at age 43), but his memory and legacy live on - especially in his adopted hometowns of Philadelphia and Green Bay.

ROGER STAUBACH: When the Cowboys became "America's Team," no star shined brighter than Roger Staubach's. After winning the Heisman trophy and fulfilling a four-year Navy commitment (including service in Vietnam), Staubach joined the Cowboys as a 27-year-old rookie in 1969. He wasn"t named the fulltime starting quarterback until 1971, beginning nine years as the leader of the Cowboy attack.

During those nine years, Staubach led the Cowboys to six NFC Championship Games, four Super Bowls and two championships. His elusive running style and never-say-die attitude earned him the nicknames "Roger Dodger" and "Captain Comeback."

JOHN ELWAY 2: Denver's dangerous quarterback had established the Orange as perennial championship contenders, but a new uniform brought new success to the Broncos. In 1997, Denver abandoned their signature orange and went to a more modern, streamlined blue and white jersey. Elway had taken three previous teams to the Super Bowl but came away empty-handed. With the new jerseys though, Elway and the Broncos were unstoppable - winning back-to-back Super Bowl Championships before Denver's favorite son rode off into the sunset.

EARL CAMPBELL: NFL fans remember the impact of running back Earl Campbell - the Longhorn-turned-Oiler running back who dominated the game from 1978-1985. After winning a Heisman trophy during his days as a Texas Longhorn, Campbell became the top overall selection in the 1978 NFL Draft, and made his way down the interstate to join the Houston Oilers. Campbell was named Offensive Rookie of the Year after piling up 1,450 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns. Campbell led the NFL in rushing the next three seasons while establishing himself as one of the most durable and punishing runners in league history.

NFL Legends 3 is scheduled to arrive in stores in July 2007.

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