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YANKEES STADIUM GIVEAWAY A HUGE SUCCESS Chats with Figure Subject A-Rod in the Flesh
September 10, 2004
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On Sept. 1, McFarlane Toys was centerfield at Yankee Stadium as 18,000 fans 14 and under left with a unique collectible. The Yankees gave away an Alex Rodriguez/Derek Jeter 3-inch two-pack featuring both players in pinstripes. The two-pack also featured a coupon for the night's sponsor, Modell's Sporting Goods.

Here are photos of some very happy fans and members of the McFarlane Staff who made it out to the game:


McFarlane Toys got a few moments with Alex Rodriguez before the game to get his thoughts on the two-pack featuring him and his teammate.


Q: So how do you feel about a figure being made of you for this giveaway?
Alex: I think it's cool that I get to be paired up with Derek and see myself in a Yankees uniform. McFarlane puts out such high-quality items, the detail is amazing in a figure that small. I am honored to be a part of it.

Q: What is it about McFarlane figures that appeals to you?
Alex: I just think it's a unique way for fans to connect with their favorite players. They did not have such things when I was a kid, we collected baseball cards, because that's all there really was to collect.

Q: If you could have us create a figure for you of a favorite player, what would it be?
Alex: Keith Hernandez as a Met, charging toward home plate to field a bunt; he made that play countless times like no one else could.

Q: What other products would you like to see?
Alex: I think it would be cool to capture great moments in history. I can picture Kirk Gibson's home run in the '88 World Series, with him pumping his fist, or Fisk waving his home run fair in the '75 series, Jackie Robinson stealing home in the World Series against the Yankees, or one of my favorites, Cal Ripken when he broke Gehrig's streak.

Q: You will likely have a new figure in 2005. If you could pick your pose what would it be?
Alex: I know they have made me as a Ranger with a follow-through swinging (like the mini figure), and backhanding a ball, but I'd like to see me in another hitting pose, wearing the home pinstripes, maybe in the batter's box, ready to swing ... I'm just excited to get a new figure.

Q: Did you know that we make athletes in retro uniforms from their previous teams, like Barry Bonds as a Pirate, Roger Clemens in a Red Sox uniform and you as a Mariner?
Alex: Really? I didn't know that, but I 'd love to get the Mariners figure; then eventually, I can have a figure from all three teams I've played for.

Look for the Yankees and McFarlane Toys to partner up for another giveaway during the 2005 season.

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