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McFarlane Figures in Stores and Coming Soon

Here at, our goal is to keep you informed. Well, we also like to eat pizza and play with our action figures, but keeping you informed is quite high on our to-do list. Really.

    As such, periodically we look over our master roster of action figures and report to you what's in stores now and what lines are on their way to your local shelves. Without further ado ...

    McFarlane's Monsters hit stores in late April/early May. Featuring our artistic interpretations of six classic horror characters, the line did amazingly well and we've sold through our complete production run. What's on the shelves is all that's left, folks, get 'em now if you want 'em.

    McFarlane's Sports Picks: Baseball Series 2 shipped in late June and began hitting stores around the Fourth of July. Though it's still early to get a solid read - as some areas of the countries are just now receiving stock - preliminary sales figures (and fan reaction) are quite strong.

    And now, what's en route:

Series 22, Dark Ages Spawn: The Viking Age is set to ship to retailers in mid-July. That means most areas should see stock by late July. The deluxe boxed set from that series, Spawn the Bloodaxe and his horse Thunderhoof, is set for a September release. For more information about Series 22, click here.
Our upcoming KISS series, Creatures, is also shipping in mid-July for a late July/early August store date. Look for a complete detail story here in's News section in the coming weeks.
Finally, our Onimusha 2 series of figures - based on the soon-to-be-released video game from Capcom - are set to ship in late July, hitting stores in mid-August. We've got a full online feature coming to promote this line. Click here for information.
Also, in the coming weeks, be on the lookout for Baseball Series 3 and Football Series 4.

All stories are Copyright © and TMP International, Inc., and may not be reprinted without permission.

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