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Head-on Collision Coming Monday, Feb. 11

That's right, friends and neighbors, the time's drawing close.'s annual Toy Fair coverage is picking up a head of steam and bearing down on your computer screen.
    Better hope your Net connection stays strong.
    The gang is working feverishly to get everything designed. Monday, Feb. 11 will be the day; 9 a.m. EST will be the time. Your mission? Come to where you'll learn the facts about McFarlane Toys' upcoming figures for the remainder of 2002. No more rumors. No more conjecture. Just cold hard facts about what's coming out this year. Oh, yeah, we'll include photos and descriptions of all the upcoming figures in our online catalog.
    We're also offering an online tour of the McFarlane Toys Manhattan showroom for your viewing pleasure, as well as a voting area so we can get your feedback on our products. There will also be news updates live from Toy Fair. We decided not to do a dedicated Toy Fair message board this year, but everyone is, as always, invited to our normal message boards to discuss the goings-on     To celebrate the event, is having a "Five Days of Toy Fair" contest to give away some goodies and figures originally shown at Toy Fair 2001. Here are the days and prizes:

  • Monday, Feb. 11: AC/DC Stiff Upper Lip Live DVD and an Angus Young figure
  • Tuesday, Feb. 12: Shrek Xbox game by TDK and a Shrek bean toy
  • Wednesday, Feb. 13: Akira DVD and an Akira figure
  • Thursday, Feb. 14: MGS2 PS2 video game and a Solid Snake figure
  • Friday, Feb. 15: Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 DVD and a Movie Maniacs 4 Blair Witch figure

    Here are the details. Enter to win by e-mailing with "Contest Entry" in the subject. You must include your name and complete shipping address. No duplicate daily entries allowed and only entries in this format will be considered. Only entries received between midnight and 11:59 p.m. MST each day will be considered for that day's prize. Those rules apply for each day. A daily winner will be picked at random and then all of the entries starting at midnight will be considered for the next day's prize. You can enter more than once, but not more than once on one day. Winners will be notified by e-mail the day following the day they entered and prizes will be sent out immediately.

All stories are Copyright © and TMP International, Inc., and may not be reprinted without permission.

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