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Winners Will Draw Cover for Upcoming Comic

There's a huge base of artistic talent that visits and fewer and fewer ways to break into the comics business. So, to recognize the talent that's here and perhaps give some publicity to future professionals, we're sponsoring an art contest with some pretty sweet prizes. Check it out:
    You give us your best depiction of Sam and Twitch. You can pencil it, pencil and ink it, paint it, create it digitally in Photoshop, whatever. Post your submissions on a new message board created especially for this contest. The contest begins today and ends on Feb. 6. Todd McFarlane himself will pick three winners (Grand Prize, First Prize, First Runner-up) who will be announced Wednesday, Feb.20th. Here are the prizes:
    If you win, you will be able to tell your friends and potential employers that Todd picked you as one of the winners of the TMP art contest. Not enough? How about Todd picks the winners, and we put your submission in the back of one of our comics? Still not enough? OK, how about this:

  • The Grand Prize winner will see their art as the cover to Sam and Twitch #30 and will be paid $300.
  • The First Prize winner gets their art published in the back of Sam and Twitch #30, and will be paid $200.
  • The First Runner-up gets their art published in the back of Sam and Twitch #30, and receives $100.

    You can create the art in any medium you prefer; however, if you are chosen as the Grand Prize winner, and yours is a pencilled piece, Todd will ink it and Jay Fotos will color it. If you pencil and ink, then Jay will color your drawing. (That's for the Grand Prize Winner only! First Place and First Runner-up winners' art will be published exactly as submitted.) Todd is picking the pieces he thinks best represent Sam and Twitch, regardless of the medium you create in, so anything goes.
    There are obviously some rules and requirements. The art must be in a format we can use, so it has to be the correct size and the correct format. Winning original art will be submitted in one of two categories: 1) Original Art or 2) Digital Art.
    If you're the Grand Prize winner and you won with a pencilled piece, you're going to have to get the original artwork to us for Todd to ink. For original art, the size of the art board should be 11 inches wide by 17 inches tall, with a one-quarter-inch border all the way around, making the usable image area 10.5 inches by 16.5 inches.
    Also, when composing the final illustration, submitters should keep the top one-third of the board relatively open so that the logo can be placed there. (i.e., Sam or Twitch's head shouldn't be at the top of the page.) The artwork will need to be on actual illustration board (not paper) if Todd is to ink it properly. The art board that Image artists use is Strathmore 400 series, 3 ply Bristol, smooth surface. The board you work on should be at least that good. Ask your art supply dealer.
    For digital submissions, the same rule about composition apply (keeping the top one-third of the illustration free of any faces or significant detail). Also, for the digital submissions, we can have people submit at actual comic book final printed size which is 6.875 inches wide by 10.4375 inches tall, which includes a one-eighth-inch bleed area around the image. Final digital files should be in RGB and at 300 dpi. They absolutely have to be at 300 dpi in order to print properly. We will reject any entry that arrives at less than 300dpi. Final files should be saved as Photoshop TIFF files (with compression checked on) or Photoshop EPS files (with JPEG maximum quality compression).
    All art submissions must be posted on the Sam and Twitch Fan Art Contest board. Art posted anywhere else will not be considered. All entrants may post their submission in a new thread. Try to keep your posts to around 6 inches wide by 8 inches high. That'll be large enough for everyone to see, but not so large that they take forever to open. And limit your submissions to one.
    We want this contest to be for amateurs only. If you're a professional and have had your work published before in comics, please sit this one out and give the new guys a chance. We can't stop professionals from posting, but we're hoping that everyone understands that this is to help new talent, and will respect our request.
    All the legalities will be posted at the top of the Contest Message Board. Please read all the legal stuff. Posting your art signifies that you have read and agree to all the rules and terms.
    This could well be the biggest contest we've ever run at and we're excited about seeing everyone's art. Good luck.

All stories are Copyright © and TMP International, Inc., and may not be reprinted without permission.

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