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Here Are Final Carded Figure Photos

As announced several months ago, four action figures from Spawn Series 12 -- the Creech, the Heap, Spawn IV and Re-Animated Spawn - have been repainted and are being re-released.

    The sculpts are exactly the same as the original release, only the paint schemes are different. The packaging will also be the same, but with the addition of a sticker on the front blister denoting the new figures as exclusive repaints. Check out the accompanying photos that show the figures in their packaging. To see the figures out of the packaging, click here.

    These Series 12 repaints are a Diamond Comics Distributors exclusive, which means they'll only be available at the comic and hobby shops serviced by the Diamond distribution network. Look for the figures in stores by the end of November. For a comic shop near you, call 1-800-COMIC-BOOK.

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